About Parrish Chapel

Where We Have Been.

Parrish Chapel was founded and built by John Walker Parrish in 1893 and is a direct descendent from "Old Jointee", a union church located in a old log house dating back to 1771. Worshipers included Baptist and Methodist. "Old Jointee" was located on the road from Chamblissburg to Goodview, a few miles from our present church Road number 653 off Route 24.

In 1849 "Old Jointee" closed its doors and joined in building a brick church in Chamblissburg. This was a union church and the Baptist were called "Beaverdam" and the Methodists were called "New Hope".

The two denominations worked together most harmoniously for many years. The Baptists had their preaching day on the second Sunday of the month and the Methodist on the fourth Sunday. All attended the same Sunday school. The Superintendents were chosen for one year, alternating from one denomination to the other.

However, some time in 1889, the Methodists began considering building a church of their own. Finally, in 1892, prospects of this began to materialize. A deed dated Oct 29, 1892 gave a portion of land in Chamblissburg to the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Rev. John W. Parrish, Pastor of New Hope as of 1887, was the prime mover in this project and it is for him the church was named. With the help of their sister church and others in the community, Parrish Chapel was completed and dedicated in September, 1885.

Parrish Chapel 1883

In 1915, a new charge was created from the Bedford Circuit called the Montvale Charge. Union was taken from West Bedford in 1920 and put in Montvale Then, in 1929, West Bedford was changed to Moneta Charge and consisted of Bethlehem, Diamond Hill, Emmaus, Parrish Chapel and Stewartsville (now Mays Memorial).

In 1939, The Methodist Episcopal Church, South through union became The Methodist Church.

In 1953 the Moneta Charge which consisting of Bethlehem, Diamond Hill ,Emmaus, Mays Memorial and Parrish Chapel on the Lynchburg district was divided and Parrish Chapel and Mays Memorial became a new charge called Mountain View Charge and placed in the Roanoke District.

This brief history was written by

Margaret Morgan Johnson, Church Historian

Where We Are Now.

As of January 2013 Mountain View Charge was dissolved and Parrish Chapel and Mays Memorial became independent Churches in the Roanoke district.

Studies show that the lifespan a of Church is about 75 years. Well, we are well past that and we are starting to look for ways to reinvent ourselves so we can be here many more years. We still serve the community around us with our monthly food banks and we feed the shut-ins and we are striving to find new ways to serve our community and welcome new members into our congregation and build the Kingdom of God.

Where We Are Going.

Parrish Congregation

This is a small rural church just waiting for those wanting to serve the Lord. Our doors are open! Come be with the Lord and find fellowship at Parrish Chapel.

Here you will find opportunities to serve the Lord in your own unique way, where in a larger Church it would be difficult to do so. Have you always wanted to teach Sunday School? Sing in the choir or even perhaps direct one or even start a music ministry? Deliver the message on Sunday by becoming a Lay Speaker? The possibilities are endless. We have room for you here! So Come! Come and join us as we begin to start a new journey through Christ our Savior!

Come, follow me,
Jesus said,
and I will make you fishers of men.
Matthew 4:19 NIV prayinghands